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Ceylon Goraka Powder 100g,Garcinia Cambogia, Natural( Free Shipping) Sealed Pack

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Garcinia Cambogia Extract

“Traditional usage in some parts of the world suggest widespread belief in its health benefits even supported by ancient science of Ayurveda.”

Garcinia Cambogia (Dried Black Stuff) – Used for cooking

This yellowish green fruit cannot be eaten directly due to its extreme sour taste; however the extract produced can be easily consumed and is widely used in parts of the world. In fact one of the oldest medical sciences in history Ayurveda has been using Garcinia Cambogia extract for its medicines for ages. Prominent herbal remedies that it has been used for include medicines for – constipation, intestinal parasites, menstruation problems and edema. Many parts of Asia especially the southern Indian state of Kerala (a region with 99.5% literacy rate and credited with the origin of Ayurveda), Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand use Garcinia Cambogia extract or rind (the dried form which is black in color as shown in the picture) in traditional dishes as well as a food preservative.

Most common use of the extract in food preparation has been to make fish curry for flavor and with the added intention that any toxic material that may be present in fish can be neutralized by components present in the garcinia cambogia extract.

Though it have been used in these regions for decades or even centuries, it caught worldwide attention when recent research indicated that Garcinia Cambogia has an effective ingredient that could help in weight loss. Let’s find out how!

Garcinia Cambogia Extract & Weight Loss

“Recent developments and clinical studies show early evidence for weight loss benefits but with some opposing views of possible side-effects.”

Now that we know Garcinia cambogia extract is a popular ingredient in many Thai and South Indian curries, it makes one think why these people used it when there were other alternates like tamarind that would give the same desired taste. In fact tamarind is much more widely available in these parts of the world. Interestingly these people have noticed that Garcinia cambogia extract acts as an appetite suppressant when taken 30 to 60 minutes before meals. When used in curry dishes give a feeling of fullness and lack of appetite reducing the amount of food intake and the added anti-toxic properties that neutralizes any harmful material in fish.

The Study: Over an 8 week period a group that was on a 1200 kcal/day diet and took HCA dose of 1320 mg/day saw an average weight loss of 14 pounds and significantly reduced appetite. The Dr. Oz video shows an interview with Dr. Chen who has done research and validated that it can be used as a weigh loss agent.

The Science & How it Works: The rind of the fruit Garcinia Cambogia contains an active ingredient called Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) and is a derivative of citric acid, a natural ingredient found in some citrus fruits.

Garcinia Cambogia when taken before meals helps increase the levels of “Serotonin” which gives a fuller feeling. Increased Serotonin level activates the brain to control desire for food. This compound also helps those who go through depression by improving their mood and reducing “reactive eating” – which is one of the top reasons for excessive eating. With the increase in Serotonin level, the level of another chemical “Octopamine” also goes up.Octopamine mobilises fat cells. Serotonin and Octopamine are known as neurotransmitters that jointly work to result in weight loss.

Research is still going on, but HCA definitely is a natural approach to weight loss (ref). Garcinia cambogia extract can help those who intend to lose weight along with healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Health Benefits of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

Is Garcinia Cambogia safe?

As with any remedy or “too good to be true” solution we need to assess its safety, the dosage and possibility of side effects over prolonged period of consumption. So the million$ question is: “Is Garcinia Cambogia safe?”.There is one research that has found that there can be some side effects of Garcinia Cambogia. On the contrary there are many testimonials that quote successful weight loss (which could be made up) and more research that indicate it works (onetwo and three).

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers.
  • The diabetic taking insulin or similar drug.
  • Those with Alzheimer.
  • Excessive dosage can cause nausea, stomach pain.

Garcinia Cambogia Dosage & Recommendation

We believe that people in India and south-east Asia have had this wonder fruit as part of their diet for centuries, if not decades. There is also proof of its use in the ancient science of Ayurveda. So the best way to go about is to use it in its traditional form – as part of your meal. This gives you the best of both worlds – the goodness of Garcinia Cambogia in its pure, natural form without the complications of over/under dosage. We have added a few traditional recipes in the next section.

For those who are willing to accept the uncertainty and debate surrounding the legitimacy of its benefits, below is the recommended dosage as given by experts in the area.


  • Experts who recommend Garcinia Cambogia say that the Garcinia Cambogia dosage should be at least 50% HCA (so look for the same dosage in the bottle you are buying).
  • 500-1000 mg before each main meal.
  • Not more than 3000 mg a day for adults.
  • Study performed by Creighton University in 2002 on rats estimate dosage above 5000 mg a day to be harmful.
  • Look for composition & ingredients.
  • Eat normal portions and exercise everyday if you can, if not at least few times a week.


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Goraka Powder 100g

Goraka Powder 100g

Ceylon Goraka Powder 100g,Garcinia Cambogia, Natural( Free Shipping) Sealed Pack

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